Awakened Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Application. Awakened Wisdom blends Buddhist, Native, and collected wisdoms into a beautifully crafted healing message for our modern culture. Patrick Ryan’s life experiences are as varied as they are unique. Ryan died from a drug overdose in his late teens, only to be revived with a new understanding of the Divine. He went on to be a successful entrepreneur, a Buddhist monk in Burma, and now an executive coach, trainer, and author. Ryan’s message to his readers is simple and profound: we get to choose how we want to live during our time on this planet. He offers up sound wisdom about how we might access different aspects of our Selves, as well as sage teachings and practical ideas for understanding and embodying the Eight Stages of an Awakened Life.


Awakened Wisdom includes exercises, daily practices, and plenty of anecdotes from Ryan’s own experiences along the journey that is our human experience. This book is equally valuable for those just beginning the exploration into the essence of who they are as it is for those who have a deep spiritual practice. As Ryan says, “It’s all part of the journey.”

The AWE of Awakening

Learn how to live Awake, Wise and Engaged.

Access wisdom that is beyond the sum of your intelligence and experience. Expand your awareness of what is possible. Experience more clarity, joy, and prosperity. Connect to the emerging vision of your life with bestselling author Patrick J. Ryan.

This is a powerful daily guidebook for creating our personal and professional life according to your own wisdom, vision, and purpose. 

The AWE of Awakening: A Guidebook presents 108 verses, reflections, and practices to support you in coaching yourself towards clarity, joy, and prosperity.

Former Buddhist monk, Vision Quest Guide, Leadership Coach, and bestselling author Patrick J. Ryan has given us a guidebook for living and creating the best life possible.


The Eagle's Call

This is a sharing of a story, my story. Throughout all of history, the most ancient knowing has been carried forward through the telling of our stories. The fact that this is my story is of no particular importance, it just happens to be the story I know best. The writing itself became a journey. I traveled deep into the valley of fear and doubt, and then found my way out. On the way, I was reminded of my life purpose-to be a spirit whose light shines also on the path of others, poking them in the butt with a "Go for it! This life is yours here and NOW." However, my transformation is not a one-sided proposition. There are over six billion people living on this planet. Each of us is able to read the signs and find the courage to create an amazing life story if only we will. Together, we can discover the nature of this universe as it reveals itself to us and through us.

ā€‹Everything that I write is based on my actual experience but, in some cases, composite characters facilitate the telling and protect the identity of others. For example, my dear friends in Burma are ruled by a cruel military that would not hesitate to cause them harm. Their true identities must not be revealed. If any good comes of this situation, let it be increased public awareness of what is unacceptable and must come to an end. I pray every day that a resolution may take place without the loss of more lives. I have endeavored to recreate each scene in the book with as much accuracy as the veils of time and memory would permit. Although certain details may have been distorted, know that the main emphasis is still the overall message. In the end, this is all that matters.


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