About Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan is an internationally recognized executive and leadership coach, entrepreneur, bestselling author, a former Buddhist monk, a Vision Quest guide and founder of Vancouver Coaching.

Over the past 25 years, Patrick has helped entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and creatives discover their purpose, launch their self-expansion and move towards becoming the best possible version of themselves for the sake of a greater cause.

As a certified Professional Co-active Coach and family business coach, Patrick seamlessly integrates his years of exploring consciousness  with his experience as a successful entrepreneur. He focuses on grounded conversations and high-level visionary discussions to facilitate personal and business breakthroughs. From there he equips his clients with the tools to implement lasting changes in their professional and personal lives.

Above all else, Patrick is life long learner who enjoys the process of self-discovery and then applying what he has learned to service of his clients. He has a knack for understanding the complexity of people and guiding business owners and leaders to discover their purpose as well as the unique possibilities that come along.

"From vision to plan, action, and accountability, my clients tell me its simple: Coaching works!"

What to expect in a session with Patrick

Patrick is committed to creating a safe and confidential space for clients to share their stories and work through the patterns that are no longer serving them. From there, Patrick will work with you collaboratively towards establishing your goals and creating a personal implementation plan. He is also committed to holding you accountable through each stage of your personal and business transformation process. 

Depending on your individual needs, a session might integrate a broad range of mind and body modalities and visionary conversations such as Enneagram assessment, the Leadership Circle Profile, meditation and hypnosis.


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