Behind every great leader is a defined purpose. What’s your’s?

An inspired vision requires action. Patrick Ryan provides programs designed to help entrepreneurs, professionals and the wildly creative discover their calling, leverage their strengths and implement lasting change.

Based in Victoria, BC Patrick works with people worldwide.

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Meet the founder, Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan is an internationally recognized executive coach, family business and enterprise coach, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, bestselling author, a former Buddhist monk, and the founder of Vancouver Coaching. Working with Patrick will lead you to tap into your inner wisdom and establish the steps that will drive your business towards success.

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Coaching Programs for Professionals

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional or creative, Patrick offers vision inspired and solution-focused programs tailored to help you align yourself with your purpose. His eclectic approach to coaching incorporates mind and body practices with grounded and honest conversations. Together you will navigate the labyrinths of your calling, business, and your personal life and turn your vision into action.

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Speaking and Media Appearances

Patrick’s unique and varied life experiences have granted him the gift of storytelling. Paired with his personal exploration and his experience in business, audiences will be inspired to pursue their purpose and create lasting change in their professional, personal, and spiritual lives. Patrick is available for media appearances and to speak at events or group workshops.

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Books by Patrick Ryan

Be inspired by Patrick’s story and discover books for those devoted to the exploration of their calling.

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Your personality influences both your professional and personal life. Enneagram personality profiling helps to reveal the true nature of your personality by identifying it as one of nine different archetypes. With this insight, you can leverage the strengths of your personality and change the way that you experience the world around you.

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