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Solopreneur Coaching for Professionals

Are you offering a professional service and you want to grow your practice. Patrick has coached many professionals such as health care providers, coaches, realtors, wealth managers, commissioned sales producers, brokers and more.

If you are determined to grow a successful business then Patrick is the coach for you.

If the most successful athletes, actors, and executives work with coaches then why wouldn't you? 

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Executive Leadership Coaching

The greatest challenge of every executive is leadership. Leadership begins with your own level of development, your ability to connect to your team, to communicate your vision, generate effective action, and together get the desired results. 

Patrick can show you the path to your extraordinary leadership. There is a very direct correlation between execs who do their own personal work, who develop their authentic style, and the success of their organizations.

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Business Partnership Coaching Program

Having great relationships with your business partners is essential for success. We will work with you to clear up your business partnership relationships, reset and expand your shared vision, renew passion, clean up communication, and effective execution of expectations between business partners.

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Take It To The Next Level Program

Fast-track the growth of your business with a coaching program that will update your vision, help you make better use of resources, and give you the tools you need to elevate your business to the next level. 

You've done good to get to where you are and you understand the benefit of tapping into a coaching relationship for the sake of breaking through to the next level.

Yes, I want to Take it to the Next Level!

Families in Business Coaching

A family business is both an amazing opportunity and is also filled with challenges every step of the way. 

As a certified Family Enterprise Advisor and relationship and systems coach Patrick has a depth of understanding to bring into the service of your family business and enterprise. 

Whether you are looking for coaching support in the business, family or ownership circle Patrick is equipped to guide you all the way.

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Get Your Personal Enneagram Assessment


Imagine that your personality is the operating system of you and that the Enneagram is your operating system manual.

With this insight you can actually change the way that you experience your personal and professional life.

You can update your personality, the operating system, by first understanding what your personality is setup to do.

What are your defaults? What are your strengths? What causes you stress? What are your natural talents? What underlying concerns are running in the background?

If this is interesting to you then welcome to the Enneagram.

Arguably the most profound and ancient description of why you think, act, and do the things you do, and yes, you can update your operating files to set you up for greater peace, abundance, fulfillment, to be a more effective leaders and to just have a better experience of life in general.

Who you are is not just the way it is. Update your Self today!

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