A Deeper Dive

by Patrick Ryan

Our Learning Journey

You & I have been on a learning journey our entire life. Mine has kept me moving ever deeper into the exploration of change and consciousness.

How do we affect change? What is consciousness? What is needed so that we may live from the best of who we are more often? How do we live from love, oneness, and resourcefulness rather then from fear, separation, and reactiveness?

How do we move our systems and organizations towards their highest potential? How do we move ourselves? Do we ever really change?

 That quest for understanding consciousness, change, creating, sustaining, has guided and inspired me since I was a kid and still informs my life choices to this very day.

The Vision 

My vision is that there is a time when all people, and the communities, organizations and systems that we create together will have learned to live in joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace, acceptance, abundance, love, and courage.

To what extent have you surrendered to your purpose, committing your entire life to it?


I came to realize that my purpose is to contribute, as a Light Bearer. I came to realize this after years of wrestling with inner challenges that took me on a journey into the depths of the valley eventually finding my way out and bringing with me a purpose and clarity that continues to inform every life choice that I make.

It is in the fulfillment of that vision that I choose to work with individuals, communities and organizations utilizing the skills and talents that I have developed in service to the creation and fulfillment of this vision.

 The Mission

From vision and purpose comes a mission. In good times a mission is energizing and directive. In challenging times a sense of mission keeps us going facing each day and night with purpose.

My mission is to coach, train, teach and provoke towards the fulfillment of that vision.

What gets in the way?

What inner challenges have you that run in the background, or the forefront, of your life experience?

My challenge is to suspend my natural cynicism, judgment, and resistance, with openness, compassion and a good amount of fierceness. The darker aspects of my personality intend to keep me safe and I constantly remind them, my self, that I am in no need of such safety. Though the volume and influence of those thoughts is now a subtle distant whispering I remain committed to not having those influences regain a foothold.

We all have some version of that script, an inner operating system, that will continue to work on you until such a time that you have brought it forth into the light and gained your power over it.

We will all have good times. We will all have dark times.

Will you learn what there is to learn and thereby emerge wiser, stronger, lighter?

My journey has taken me through times of great darkness, and lightness, only to emerge filled with optimism, creative energy, and a passion for supporting others towards living their best life possible and to reshape our organizations and communities into loving, abundant, compassionate systems.

What if we said yes to the great adventure that is this life?

I said yes to a call that wouldn’t have left me alone anyway. I have been taken on a journey of extraordinary experiences that I could not have planned or even wished for. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Looking back I am so thankful to whatever inner resource I found that allowed me to say yes and to then just go.

That yes led me to work and journey through more countries then I can easily remember. I have explored through the lens of being a monk, an entrepreneur, a coach, a guide, a hypnotist, an author, a good man, a fallen man, a leader, a follower, a leadership coach, ever an explorer, and so much more.

It may be that you are being called to a great adventure. One that cannot be planned because it is bigger than, and will challenge, any capacity that you have developed to this day. It will expand you as you come into service to a greater and ultimately mysterious purpose.

It is said that when the student is ready a teacher will appear

I have been blessed with profound and patient teachers ranging from indigenous elders in disappearing lands, to corporate wizards in concrete jungles, at least one enlightened master, and many guides that took shape shifting forms along the way.

To say that I have been guided is the understatement of a life. This Multidimensional Universe meets us in every step. Sometimes we are presented the test of challenge and at other times we are blessed with a wind that offers to lift.

To fly you must first let go

The question is not whether or not you are being presented with guides and support, the question is are you open? Are you now willing? No one is alone except those who would make it so.

We all have a protective instinct

From a closed place I would never share this story. From an open place, of course I share this with you. I cannot know if by sharing this it pushes you further away or draws you in. That is not for me to know.

I am a private person by my nature. Privacy is a protective instinct that is sometimes wise and at other times sourced from fear. I go against this protective instinct to share this with you in the chance that it may inspire you in some way.  It may help you to recognize whether we should work together, perhaps as a client, as a collaborator, or as well intended fools consciously creating tomorrow.

  • Do you know your protective instinct?
  • Do you know how to leverage it rather than have it leverage you?
Trust your curiosity

Entrepreneurship and Leadership have been my intrigue, providing the context and the frame, informing intention, direction and providing some understanding of what is emerging in each moment all around us. It is through the movement of self, others, and the systems of family enterprises, communities, and businesses towards those possibilities, bringing them into fulfillment, that I direct my energy.

Great leadership is a collective event

A factor of multiple minds informing vision, multiplied by the inspirational emotion of hearts, broken or inspired, and that energy is then converted into conscious movement, informed by adaptive responses according to what is needed each step along the way as we steadily close the gap between the emerging dream, the vision of what is possible, and the current existing condition.

Or to put it another way, great leadership is when dream influences intuition, informing vision and harnessing instinct grounded in rational processes for the sake of creating something greater than what we currently know

Above all else courage is needed because leadership generates change and change is both threatening to the status quo while at the same time essential for survival and expansion.

 You have a part to play

Leadership is not generated as a function of role or assignment as much as it is a personal realization of responsibility and service gazing into a world view of possibility.

  • What is your part in all this?

Imagine that we all have a part to play. Imagine that we are all needed and that we each have been granted our particular genius and talent in service to this greater calling.

Do you understand yours?

My part in this has been to play, learn, practice and to channel this through, now, as a coach, multiplying the energy of many towards this emerging collective vision.

  • How do we tune into the whispering dream?
  • What is needed to truly open to vision?
  • How do we mobilize a collective energy towards the fulfillment of the emerging dream and vision?
  • How do we navigate resistance and harness the energy of pushback in service of forward momentum?

You will know you are playing your part well when it taps into your particular genius, gifts, talent and the skills that you have and will continue to develop.

For me that takes currently takes the form of coaching. I am in service to the ever-unfolding story and I call you to the same. I call you to this because you are needed to play your part.

You may or may not be in a position to say yes. That is only for you to know and you don’t have to know it alone.

If you are reading this trust that you are here for a reason

Often times comprehending the full reason for any given moment is well beyond the pay grade of who we are. Part of my work has been to learn how to stay open, to the call, to synchronicity, to being guided to where I am needed on any given day, putting spin into one wheel or perhaps steadying a wobble or injecting the energy of possibility into another.

I call it coaching and on a good day it has affect at the many levels of this world, both inner and outer.

Today, in presence, let us be alert to the emerging opportunities and have the courage to bring the best use of us into the service of this amazing unfolding story.


Patrick Ryan

Chief Waker-Upper



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