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"I found out about Patrick's work through Youtube as a colleague left a review for one of his programs. When I saw his videos I got the sense that he is very calm, wise and authentic and I thought he may be able to help me with a deep fear I was struggling with. I was pleased to learn that he can also work with people remotely. I didn't realize the fear was just a symptom of what was going on in my life and that some parts of my life were really out of balance. We discovered this through working with the Enneagram, which Patrick is also an expert in. Our conversations reawakened parts of myself that had been long dormant. I now have a renewed sense of joy, possibility and purpose and I can’t wait to discover what’s next! Patrick's approach is organic and holistic, drawing from his deep sense of intuition and many wisdom traditions and teachings. I highly recommend Patrick for anyone who is serious about creating positive change in their life!"


"Patrick is one of the best coaches and leaders I've ever met. He is insightful, compassionate, gentle and full of love. I would love to suggest anyone to try Patrick out for his coaching and workshops, especially his "Vision Quest"! It is life changing!"

Olina Qian

"I had always dreamed about what my life would look like in a few years from now, but with the grounded help of Patrick Ryan, I honestly feel that I'm taking control of my dreams and it slowly starts to manifest itself. Patrick has given me a tremendous amount of motivation, and the best thing is that he actually holds me accountable for the things that I say. I would definitely recommend his coaching services to anyone who wants to live their life to the fullest!"

Stefan van Mourik

"I'm not entirely sure where to begin because I have so many wonderful things to say. Patrick is a great listener, and his calm and collective attitude have allowed me to cut through my noise to formulate an action plan. Working with Patrick has been incredibly helpful in defining meaningful goals personally and professionally that have been transformative during my work with him and the future I am defining. I have learned new tools that I can apply to my day-to-day while helping me achieve the goals I set out to accomplish"


"To say that I was terrified to speak in public would be an understatement. Patrick helped me to identify and overcome the original event/experience that caused me to have the fear. I am now able to present and speak to groups without any fear at all. I'm now confident to take on my company's PR and public speaking, Simply amazing!"

Club Veden

"Is my duty as a Personal trainer and wellness professional to recommend the work of Patrick to family and friends, at just my first session with the group , I can see how all the topics treated can relate to all of us, this with the intention of creating awareness to develop skills and action plans to improve in all aspects of our inner personal and professional growth . I'm thankful for this experience, and for what is about to come."

Ricardo Trevino

"Wherever you are on your journey and life on personal development, beginner or master, Patrick Ryan will guide you to the next level. You will be challenged to go beyond what you even can dream is possible."

Karen Bresler

"I attended Patrick's Vision Quest in April of 2015 and then continued with some one-to-one coaching. In my career, I have had at least four different coaches. Patrick Ryan is the only one who actually moved me forward in a big way. Patrick's methods may seem unconventional, but they are completely practical and powerful. While he presents as a "coach", this man is really a MASTER, both spiritually and in business. He offers a great depth of experience, in coaching and in business. He is trained in a myriad of modalities that gives him the skills to impact people no matter where they start. On the Vision Quest, I watched as he held and challenged each participant, managed many details, personalities and spiritual levels with ease and wisdom. Never once did I feel unsafe, either in the desert solo or in the group processes. He has advanced training in outdoor survival, and while we never needed it, I knew I was in excellent hands so that I could have my best experience. In my 30 years of spiritual travels, and solopreneurship, I have never met anyone as skilled on so many levels as Patrick Ryan. He is a unique and rare individual. If you have the chance to work with him, you are indeed a lucky human being. I intend to do more! Don't forget to pick up his book "Awakened Wisdom" which for me, put manifestation in perspective in a way no one else has ever done it! My copy is dog eared and well-loved."

Cynthia B.

"Patrick is one of the most authentic human beings you will ever come across. As a business owner and entrepreneur, Patrick in an asset to have on my team. He is the ultimate at drawing out of me what I truly desire in life."

Marg G.

"As a hypnotherapist myself, working with Patrick was very soothing and profound. Patrick coaches and gives you the changes that you want to implement in your life. Within a week of working with Patrick, I became more positive and more focus on my goals. Great work altogether if you are looking for self-improvement to empower yourself."

Sarah L.

Praise for Books and Programs by Patrick J. Ryan

“Patrick’s profound yet practical models undo the belief that there is something out there to be found to complete us.  He helps readers quickly connect with their own heart intelligence and what it really means to be human.”   Marci Shimoff, # 1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason , and Chicken Soup for the Soul


“Every so often, I pick up a book that resonates perfectly with the tenets I know to be true. This is the case with Patrick Ryan's phenomenal book .  This is definitely a must read for anyone seeking confirmation on the ideas and concepts you already support.  After having read many of the great spiritual works of our time, I can honestly say that "Awakened Wisdom" is definitely among the very best.”  Dr. Peter C. Rogers author Ultimate Truth: Book I


"Patrick is a teacher that everyone needs to know about. He shares wisdom, principles and clear action steps that will help anyone navigate the personal, professional or even global changes we are facing. You will look at yourself and your life very differently after reading Awakened Wisdom."  Ariane de Bonvoisin, bestselling author of The First 30 Days


“Patrick Ryan has taken misunderstood and misused metaphysical concepts and distilled them down to eight very practical states of being.  Everyone who is on the path of discovery will benefit from Awakened Wisdom’s fresh and authentic approach to living a life that is congruent with their own personal brilliance.”  Mike Robbins, author of Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken


“Awakened Wisdom gives the how to of being present in the moment that Tolle only says is possible. In a friendly, story-filled text, Ryan offers the tools to move through each moment awake. The book is a gift to those who are drawn toward the flame of full aliveness.”  David Carr, D.Div, spiritual counsellor, co-leader with Laura Davis of Writer’s Journey Retreats. www.movingwords.us


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