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Family Enterprise Coaching

We help families overcome the challenges that happen with personal dynamics and succession, so that the business can continue to successfully grow and develop.

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Solopreneur Program

A great coach is essential so that you can navigate challenges and opportunities to grow your business. 

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Executive Coaching Program

Get the leadership support you need to become an extraordinary leader. 

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Professionals In Partnership Coaching Program

We will help to develop communication, relationship and execution of duties between partners so that your business can thrive.

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Personal Enneagram Assessment

Patrick uses your personal enneagram assessment to deepen your understanding of yourself. Knowing your personality not only helps you to better understand yourself, but also empowers you to live your life and navigate this world as your true self. People report that they are able to find deeper satisfaction in their work, and in their relationships, when they more fully comprehend the natural way they and others think, process and respond, as well as communicate, based on the style of their type.

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