Family Enterprise

 Coaching Program

For Family Enterprises, business is personal.
In no other business structure do family rivalries or intergenerational dynamics play such a predominant role in the daily operations and the direction of a company.

Family enterprises have unique advantages in the marketplace, they also have unique challenges.

The business has grown through the hard work and passion of the founders, however when the next generations come into the business, they may struggle to find their place, or fit within the vision of the company.

As someone who works with these companies, family unity is the key component to your long-term success. The less tension there is between family members, the more productive meetings will be, and more efficient decisions will be made.

Many of the advisors to family enterprises are not experts when it comes to mending broken relationships, remaining neutral in disputes, and creating systems which minimize the impact that interpersonal relationships have on the business.

Trying to take on this role hinders your ability to get your job done.

And that's where I come in.


Business and Leadership Coaching For Family Enterprises

As a certified Family Enterprise Advisor and Business Coach, I help family enterprises navigate the issues affecting the way the company runs. I coach based on the Three-Circle Model developed by Davis and Tagiuri and I am able to coach within any or all of the circles of:

  • Family
  • Business
  • Ownership

More importantly, I coach the system that these 3 circles create together. The smooth interconnection of the circles is the key to the success of any family enterprise.

Coaching Services Offered

While each client is different, the work will include some or all of the following:
  • Mediation when chaotic family feuds are jeopardizing the business.
  • Leadership development and coaching that helps prepare the next generation for succession, or when new family members are entering the business.
  • Creating effective communication models so established relationship dynamics don't impact how the business is run.
  • Supporting founders to transition out of the business with the confidence that their legacy is preserved and they have a future in retirement to look forward to.
  • Team coaching to bring the best out of each member and the team system as a whole. This includes getting everybody aligned with  the shared vision, values, purpose, and function of the business.
  • Facilitating assessments that can help build unity, develop leadership, and strengthen skills.
  • Personal development for individual family members to ensure they are personally happy, healthy, and ready to do their best work.

How I Work

Change, especially when business and family is concerned can be challenging to adopt and implement. My role as a coach is to help overcome the barriers to allow change to happen.

I use a four-phase process to clear a path so my clients, and their business can reach their goals.

Phase 1: Chemistry

Prior to hiring, I meet with prospective clients to talk about the challenges and opportunities of working together. Most important, we see if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship.

Once we decide to work together, we will collaborate to determine goals, objectives, and the scope of work.

Phase 2: Discovery

Every family is different and so are their needs. I am able to work in any of the three circles described above, that the family requires. During the discovery phase, we’ll do the groundwork to see what the factors are that are influencing the current situation.

I’m available to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of advisors to ensure that you have all the resources needed to take care of every aspect of your family business and ownership situations.

Phase 3: Recommendations

Based on what we discovered I present my observations and recommendations. This will inform you of what is needed to move forward so that you can accomplish what is important to you.

You will also be provided with a personalized Enneagram profile. This is an essential step in the process, to first know yourself before positive development can continue. 

Phase 4: Implementation

Implementation is the most critical  phase, as it is where the ball often gets dropped. Understanding that the status quo is resistant to change, this is an essential aspect of the service I offer.

As a coach, the implementation stage is where I work with you to make sure follow through happens.

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The right fit is essential to any coaching relationship, so I offer a complimentary 30 minute session to help us both determine that it’s a good match.


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