What is Prosperity anyway?

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2018

One of the main objectives of my work is to guide people towards a path of prosperity. Usually, when I tell people this, they instantly think of financial prosperity. But there are many different types of prosperity, just like there are different types of people, different types of intelligence, and different types of lifestyles.

Many people find that financial prosperity only comes once they are also on the path to relational prosperity, health and wellbeing prosperity, mental wellbeing prosperity such as living through a resourceful perspective, and spiritual prosperity which leads to fulfillment.

So how do you get on that path?

By awakening oneself and finding out what’s truly important so that you can set significant and resonant goals.

And before goals can be established it is important to have a deep connection to a vision, what is it that you are willing to commit to in the bigger picture of your personal and professional life?

Surprisingly few people have revealed and clarified a vision that incorporates their values, meaning, and purpose and how that could be manifested in today's world.

Goals are an important part of living a prosperous life and achieving the things you want and need. Goals can be simple, short term things like saving money for a week to buy someone a gift; or they can be more complex, long-term ideas like starting your own company or aligning your business to more fully reflect your values.

While goals can help us achieve financial and personal prosperity, they can also help us achieve mental and spiritual prosperity.

To set and reach goals that would guide you towards a wholly prosperous life, you must be willing to self-reflect, to examine your actions, and look at your intentions and correlate them to your deeply held values.

Think about what your goals are and write them down. Now as you go through each one, ask yourself “Why?” and “How?” Ask yourself why this is an important goal of yours and how will achieving it help your whole being and all the interrelated aspects of your life?

Your goals should take you one step closer to all types of prosperity. If one of your goals is to lose weight, think about how it might make you feel more energized or improve your self-image. If one of your goals is to make a million dollars, think about some good things you can do for others and how that will support you to experience generosity.

A great goal is not the thing; it is the benefit. For example, visualizing creating a million dollars is the thing. Instead, imagine the benefits and what will be true for you when you do create that million. For bonus points remember to factor in the contribution that the world will experience through you as you fulfill your goals.

Your goals are sign posts along the road that show where you are and how far you have come and this process will lead you along the path of a wholly prosperous life.

When we connect our ambition to a contribution that is bigger than us we can then tap into a greater resource of support and energy.

Oh, and Enjoy the Journey!

Patrick Ryan
Chief Waker Upper 

Patrick Ryan is an internationally recognized executive coach, leadership trainer, registered clinical hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, and founder of Vancouver Coaching and Awakened Wisdom Experiences.


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