The Enneagram & Relationships

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As we approach Valentine's day the topic of romance, relationships, love and being fulfilled come up to consciousness. In this article, I would like to make a case for getting a couple's enneagram assessment done for the sake of creating the best possible connection of love and intimacy.
Hang in with me here, this is going past 140 characters, and I want to lay this out in a way that makes sense.

What is the Enneagram?

It could be argued that the enneagram is the oldest system of typology around. Suffice it to say that this beautiful teaching goes back hundreds if not thousands of years. It has been brought forward into our modern culture and updated to be relevant to our current experience as humans.

What does the enneagram offer?

The Enneagram offers us a context for our personality as well as a deeper understanding of the yearning of our soul. Imagine that you were born into this life to learn a fundamental lesson and upon the realization of that lesson you could find the greatest liberation, joy, and peace.

How is this possible?

As you were born into this life, you brought a predisposition that set you up to potentially have a particular personality style, that is your character. And then your life's experiences, from the beginning of your life, shaped your character. Primarily through the first seven years of your life you developed a personality style.
Then as you navigated through life, experiencing it through your personality, that set you up for more ongoing experiences that either supported, challenged or strengthened your personality.

In this context of personality, I am including your deepest dreams, your innermost concerns, your view of self and the world, and that sets up your behaviors and that plays out in your relationships.
Your behaviors setup feedback and reactions from the people around you, and the wheel keeps turning around and around until something happens that either knocks you off your behavior style or you wake up and choose to rise above it all.

But how do you do that?

You need a map. The Enneagram will give you a map of your inner world and in that map are clues that will inform you on how to navigate through, to transcend, to find freedom from your personality, which you come to realize is not actually who you are. It is just a wrapper around the essence, the soul of who you are.
What does this have to do with Valentine's day?
Well not only have you been operating from within the world of your Enneagram style, so too has your love, partner, friend, relatives and colleagues.

First 'Know Thyself'

Socrates said it and it remains true to this very day that in order to find your way out of the territory of your personality you must first know it for what it is.
We are often playing out parts in life with our partners. Imagine if both you and your life partner choose to support each other in your growth and development.

The gift of knowing

The Enneagram is the gift that you can give each other for the sake of knowing, and rising above the characteristics of your personality. On the other side is an amazing dimension of love, acceptance, freedom, and understanding.

Give this to yourself.

Give this to each other.

What do you dream about? Who are you together?

What's possible when you both get off the map, and out of the patterns of your personality style?

There is so much more available in your life and your relationships.

Contact Patrick to discuss how a couple's enneagram session could set you up for a fun, informative, understanding of who you each are and what is possible.

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