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Patrick J. Ryan
Founder of Vancouver Coaching

I love what I do and I consider myself to be very lucky that I get to work with the wide range of amazing people, businesses, family enterprises, and communities that I do.

This is my vocation, my calling, and working with my clients as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of their personal and professional lives is very fulfilling to me.

It is also filled with complex challenges, impact, and leverage as the people and organizations that I work with go out and create their vision and goals.

Imagine having a highly experienced coach in your corner. Together we solve the puzzles and navigate the labyrinths of your business, your professional experience, and your personal life. Top athletes and successful people have surrounded themselves with resources in the form of people like me, that are 100% in your corner.

Whether you are interested in leadership development, entrepreneurism, personal growth, family business coaching, or learning how to live in abundance, joy, and fulfillment, I have something for you.


Some of you may be interested in knowing more about what brought me here. That is a fair question when you are considering who to trust as your coach, guide, provocateur, and champion.

A note & an invitation

If you are curious to understand more about what it is like should we work together then this page might help.

Patrick's Qualifications and Training

If you are curious about my training and background experience, then this page has more of that detail.

And beyond all these words lets chat and find out together that we are a great fit to work and explore together.


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