Family Enterprise Systems Coaching Program

Family businesses are the cornerstone of economic activity in most countries, and some of the most successful and established businesses in the world are family run. Success in a family enterprise is the result of many unique factors and no two family enterprises are the same.


As multi-dimensional and dynamic as Family Enterprises and Businesses are, they inevitably face an array of challenges.


                     Some common challenges families in business will face are related to:

         - Leadership
         - Personal & professional relationships
         - Communication
         - Conflict resolution
         - Fiscal pressures
         - Expansion 
         - Vision & values
         - Succession & generational changes

Navigating and prioritizing these concerns is where having a trusted Family Enterprise Advisor becomes a valuable resource. Patrick Ryan has extensive knowledge of the dynamics and inner workings of family-run businesses and systems coaching.

Patrick can work with you, your family, and business partners towards re-establishing a healthy, beneficial dynamic, as well as refreshing and focusing on your family’s perspective, vision, and goals.

Patrick’s approach will lead your family to a profitable and peaceful future, as well as ensure the longevity of your business whether you're just starting out, or are experiencing a transition or conflict within the business or family.


Learn about your strengths, uncover dilemmas, discover the challenges you're facing, find the opportunities and make the necessary changes.

The Enneagram & Family Enterprises

An useful part of the coaching process will be the use of an insightful personality typing model called the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is the oldest known model for understanding who we are as individuals, families, teams, and as a culture. It enables us to self-manage our communication style and conflict management strategies and provides a clear framework for understanding each other. Family members will experience challenges in communication, some of which are intergenerational, some are sibling rivalry, and others related to unconscious rolls that the family system pulls us into, the Enneagram can provide an understanding of contributing factors as well as a roadmap to get out of the communication styles that are no longer serving you.

The Process

Step 1

You will meet with Patrick for a complimentary 30 minute conversation at our space in Vancouver or via phone/video conference. During this conversation you will have a chance to discuss your goals, ask questions, and discover if you and Patrick are a good fit to work together. You will leave this talk empowered to make the best-informed decision about whether Family Enterprise Advisory is right for you.

Step 2

The next step is to clarify your areas of concern and establish your goals. You will be given the opportunity to complete an Enneagram assessment as a tool to help you better understand yourself. 

Step 3

You will be provided with a personalized Enneagram profile and Patrick will go through your results with you. This is an essential step in the process, to first know yourself before positive development can begin. 

Step 4

You will work with Patrick to create a plan of action regarding the concerns and goals you have identified. Patrick will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best possible, informed decisions on a plan of action for your Family Enterprise. Patrick will advise you throughout the follow-through of your personalized program. 

with regards to families in business, you know better than most what it takes to navigate the complexities of family dynamics while growing and developing a successful business. Patrick has a unique ability to work in the family circle and the business circle, for the sake of generating the best possible experience and outcomes for all the family and non family members involved.


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